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Apr 05, 2019

Anyway Plumbing LLC

by Melissa

My homes main sewer line backed up, and I was in need of a plumber. I called Anyway Plumbing from Paonia, CO which advertised it was a 24/7 business at the rate of $60/hour with free consultations for local areas which included my area. I was not told I would be charged differently than advertised. When Anyway Plumbing arrived at my home, they (yes, there were two) were filthy. They came into my home tracking mud and other people's sewage throughout it. My husband had already snaked a 2" clean out located in the garage, went into the crawl space to check for any overflow, and inspected the main sewer line. He asked if they could install a 3" clean out outside. They decided to remove the toilet to snake there first, even though he told them the master bath and the main bath had a straight connection with a tee in the middle to the main and doubted it would work. They had a 3' piece of plastic and they were going to roll a very used commercial sized sewer snake down our 25' hallway. We didn't want more sewage and mud on the carpet, so we covered it with our own plastic. There were two plumbers for a one man job, and they asked my husband to go get a toilet seal for them. The sewer snake did not make a 90° turn down the straight pipe, and it was a total waste of time. They created a sewer pit in the bathroom from their filthy shoes, and they left the enormous mess for me to clean up. Again, my husband asked if they could install a 3" clean out outside. They decided they would try to snake the 2" clean out in the garage that he told them he had already snaked. They used our 50' snake because the 25' electric snake they brought fell apart. This too was a waste of time because my husband had already done the exact same thing. My husband told them he was going to start digging the hole for the clean out outside because it had been almost two hours of them doing things he had already done and/or checked, and it was obvious they weren't going to dig the hole that needed to be dug for the installation. He dug a 5'x4'x3.5' hole while two plumbers wasted time waiting for the hole to be dug. After it was dug for them, they sent my husband to the hardware store a second time for their clean out parts and again a third time because they needed a different part. What kind of business has a customer dig a hole for them and sends the customer to get parts for them not once, not twice, but three times? After installing and snaking the outside clean out, which took less than an hour, they brought me the bill. I was charged $135/hour not the $60/hour rate advertised, and I was charged $135 for them to show up to my home when they advertised free consultations, and the business is a mere 10 minutes from my home. When Anyway Plumbing left our house, we went outside to check everything. They left the huge clean out hole uncovered right in front of a gate to the backyard. How unsafe and unprofessional! Anyway Plumbing left their trash, used rubber gloves, and all the disgusting sewage they pulled out of the pipe in our driveway when there were two trash cans 2' in front of them. Who does that? Anyway Plumbing should be ashamed of themselves. We spent over three hours cleaning up the mess Anyway Plumbing left us in and outside of our home. I missed two days of in home childcare wages waiting for my carpet to be professionally cleaned, at my expense, due to Anyway Plumbing's negligence and total disregard of my home. Everyone experiences bad service, but this was not just bad service, this was a nightmare! I have never had such a horrible experience and hope I never will again. Anyway Plumbing has absolutely no concern for their customers. Anyway Plumbing's employee told me he would let the owner know of my grievances. I never received any contact from Anyway Plumbing even after they received my BBB review the day after my service and responded to it, "I was not contacted by customer before review was sent to BBB, for I would of handled the situation immediately. I will talk to my sub contractor and limited member about situation." This business does not handle situations immediately! I waited three days to be contacted by Anyway Plumbing for the nightmare service I received. I was not contacted so on the fourth day I contacted the owner and never received an apology or any sort of remorse. Anyway Plumbing has no integrity and zero customer service. They have no respect for a person's home or property. One thing is for sure, I will never be a customer of Anyway Plumbing again.

Mar 25, 2019

Anheuser Busch

by Ed Mitchell

Voice mail only says open Monday thru Friday 630 to midnight and then hangs up on you.... No number for shipping or receiving

Mar 24, 2019

Custom Imprints and Embroidery

by Julie

Nice try Marvin, but Carol is your sister.

Feb 22, 2019

Jdr Acres Inc

by Applegrappler

I would suggest staying away from these horrible people. I have never had such a terrible experience w/ slumlords in my life.

Feb 18, 2019

Avon Representative, Amber Thrapp

by michelle Flint

Amber is such a joy to shop from for Avon! I've always loved this product but never really could find anyone that took their job as seriously as Amber does. Shes so very helpful and answers all your questions with utmost patience! She is always willing to go the extra mile! Now that I've found the best Avon Rep in the world I will only shop with her because I'm never disappointed! #BESTAVONREPEVER!

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