Wallypark Airport Parking

24200 East 78th Avenue, Denver
Website: wallypark.com
Phone: +1 303-342-0500

Categories: Establishment  Parking 

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Jul 17, 2018

Dave Fish

Had been a loyal customer for years but last 3 experiences were awful. (I'm normally 1 strike but offered them 3!). On recent trips, we've had to either chase or call for shuttles in their lot for pickup, return trip last week we had to wait for 45 minutes for overcrowded shuttles and cashier at exit (9/18/17 @ 10PM) was just flat out rude and miserable. (pretty hard not to at least fake a smile and say thank you during a 45 second customer interaction) Great experiences over the years but so far in 2017, they have been nothing but disappointing. Will not be going back anytime soon

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